Beyoncé Was The Super Bowl's Real Winner

Did you, by any chance, happen to catch Super Bowl XLVII this past Sunday? It was actually a pretty good game that got even more interesting when the San Francisco 49ers decided to finally show up in the second half and make the Baltimore Ravens work for their eventual victory. But of course, judging by my Twitter and Facebook feeds, the real show was at halftime. That's when Queen King Bey took the stage and gave us a halftime performance that we won't soon forget. Performing a medley of hits that included "Love On Top," "Crazy In Love," "End of Time" and "Baby Boy," Beyoncé (literally) set the stage on fire as she tore through her set. But of course the show's biggest moment came when her fellow Destiny's Child bandmates Kelly Rowland (who looked amazing!) and Michelle Williams (who Michelle) popped up from the bottom of the stage for a DC3 reunion. While it may have been the worst kept secret in the world, it was still a spectacular moment that sent many a fan into a tizzy. And even though Kelly and Michelle's mics seemed to be turned waaaaay down, they held their own, even stealing a couple of lines during B's "Single Ladies" before getting kicked off the stage like the backup dancers they were exiting to give Bey more time to shine. To close the set, B gave the audience a rocking version of "Halo" that even had Shaq singing along (and apparently took most of the Superdome's electricity with it). Did B's performance match those of Diana, Janet or Prince (three of the all-time best in this writer's opinion)? Not quite. But still, it was a damn good showing that whet our whistles for the upcoming tour. In case you missed it, you can peep for yourself after the bounce.

After the bounce

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