Morning Soul: Just Don’t Want To Be Free

  • Mariah Carey admitted fearing for her safety after Nicki Minaj allegedly threatened her – but after confirming her American Idol salary is “in the ballpark” of $18 million, we think she can afford the extra security. [HP
  • Celebrating the statement of the obvious: Chris Brown and Rihanna‘s reconciliation awed/angered/annoyed most people. Frankly, it would just be nice if anything they did had, well, a point. [HR
  • Michelle Williams joined the cast of the Broadway show FELA!, playing the role of Sandra Isadore. [SID
  • Seattle rapper and YouTube sensation Freddy E. committed suicide after a series of alarming messages on Twitter. [BB
  • Police gave Wiz Khalifa a special gift following the baby shower for fiancee Amber Rose: a citation for driving without a seat belt. [TMZ
  • BBC Radio released the first single from the upcoming Jimi Hendrix album PeopleHell and Angels, featuring tracks recorded in 1968. [BBC

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