Maxwell’s ‘Pretty Wings’ Are ‘Free To Fly’ Anew On This Remix

As we wait in hot anticipation for the release of the full-length version of Maxwell‘s “Gods,” our ears have been temporarily assuaged by the KeyKat “Free to Fly” remix of “Pretty Wings.” It’s no secret that we love some Maxwell around here, so it is with some trepidation that I approach anything that alters his original recordings, but producer/trumpeter Keyon Harrold came correct and further stoked the fire burning for Maxwell’s impending domination of our 2013 playlists (look, I already warned you that love, or at least intense like, for this dude runs deep around these parts). Throw in a little bass and a bit of synth, and you have a fresh version of “Pretty Wings” that’ll have you digging into your iTunes playlists for another helping of BLACKsummers’night. KeyKat funked it up right, so I advise you to go ahead and get into it (and the free download) while the gettin’s good.


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