Is Brian McKnight Really 'Sweeter' This Time Around?

As a young boy, I can remember my mom loving Brian McKnight. In the '90s, he was the epitome of what her dream man was: tall, dark and handsome with a silky smooth voice. After his recent ventures, I was unsure if I could allow my mother to still be a fan of this newer, raunchier Brian McKnight, however. Now, it seems Brian is tamer and back to his old self with his new video for the song "Sweeter." The video features Brian strumming his guitar, cruising on his motorcycle and playing freaky-deaky love games with a blindfolded companion. This is the classic Brian McKnight that many are familiar with and the simplistic video should put Brian back in the good graces of many. The three-panel design of the video and sunset background adds to his swag. During his "IfUrReady2Learn" era, Brian was dead serious about the song being a new creative direction for him. In my opinion, "Sweeter" is smooth, but a little too formulaic and something that an experienced writer like Brian can crank out in five minutes. It makes me wonder if this is really a genuine Brian McKnight or a Brian McKnight that knows what buttons to push to reconnect to his urban adult contemporary base.

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