Katy B & Jessie Ware Have A Few Words For 'Aaliyah'

Who has had the best year ever? No, not Honey Boo Boo, I'm talking about Jessie Ware, who has pretty much made 2012 her oyster by lacing out many solo and collaborative aural pearls. Ware continues her '90's revival trek as she joins fellow Briton and UK Garage princess Katy B for a retro glide into the decade's Euro-house movement with a quasi-tribute to none other than Aaliyah. The concept of "Aaliyah" is not really about the singer herself, more like she's the enigmatic figure that has got a hold on the guy both Ware and Miss B are lusting over, and the two go "The Boy Is Mine"-esque in weaving the tale. The ladies do indeed recreate the trademark smoky and pensive vocals of Baby Girl, capturing all the soul and verve of the late singer as the track pulsates on Geeneus' production, and the end product makes for a fresh and engaging duet. So Wheelchair Jimmy Drake take notes, this is how you avoid Fatal Attraction territory when you pay homage to your idols. For just a mere e-mail address you can obtain "Aaliyah" and other club-ready spins on Katy B's Danger EP, which is available now.


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