Nanna.B Has Us Feeling ‘Sum’ Kind Of Good

Every few months I have the urge to throw all my cares away and jump on the next available flight to Europe. There I would indulge in all my musical fantasies, which include but are not limited to: visiting late-night jazz haunts, getting involved in impromptu jam sessions with local musicians (I play a mean triangle) and, of course, riding my bike around European cities looking effortlessly cool as I listen to something tres chic through my headphones. Now, considering I live in Australia and flights aren’t cheap, I don’t see this happening any time soon, but thankfully I now have Danish singer Nanna.B‘s debut single “Sum O’ Sometimes,” along with the music video, to help me get through it all and feel as if I’m right there, and for a whole lot less than a flight to Europe. In the music video we see Nanna.B living out a few of those aforementioned dreams of mine to the mellow, jazz-infused soul music sounds of “Sum O’ Sometimes.” This track has me anticipating all the neo-soul goodness that’s sure to come from Nanna.B’s debut album, Vitaphone, which is out later this month. But until she blesses us with her album, I’d suggest checking out the music video below, then heading over to SoundCloud to download the track, which is available for free.

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