Is Eve’s Latest That Good Good Or Just ‘Bad Bad’?

Look what the cat paw tattoos dragged in! After threatening the masses with her upcoming album Lip Lock, it looks like rapstress Eve is looking to make good on her promise with lead single “She Bad Bad.” With this being the first official offering from the pitbull in a skirt since we heard “Tambourine” and “Give It to You” way back in 2007, I really had low expectations as to what the quality of a new Eve single would be. But, after taking a listen to “She Bad Bad,” I must say that I’m actually kinda digging it. Ditching the bubblegum of “Tambourine,” Eve is brandishing a much more vicious and hungry rhyme arsenal as she spits over 808s cranked way low, hands clapping, zooming synths and what sounds like some sort of chant (though I’m not exactly sure of its origin). All put together, it sounds sort of like what Nicki Minaj‘s “Stupid Ho” should have been (trust me, that’s a good thing). Does this mean that Eve is ready to get back to the top of rap’s charts? Maybe not, but this is definitely a welcome alternative to all things pink-wigged and bug-eyed. You can check out “She Bad Bad,” which is available now on iTunes, below.


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