You’ll Want To ‘Know’ This Waajeed & Raheem DeVaughn Demo

In the fickle music industry, producers and vocalists record demos everyday, with hopes of it landing in the hands of the right artist and/or label. While every once in a while the demo can strike gold, more often than not they end up languishing in some dank, dark musical abyss never to see the light of day. Luckily for music lovers, today’s digital friendly and highly-accessible world makes it easy those originals to find their way onto iPods the world over. One artist taking advantage of that is Detroit-based producer Waajeed aka Jeedo, who has been digging in his personal stash and dusting off those what-ifs for public consumption. He’s been using his site as the platform to let us in to those songs that never were. Though most of what he drops is unfinished, it’s still easy to tell the dopeness that lay within the possibilities. His latest to get the sharing-is-caring treatment is a demo recorded with an unnamed “R&B dude” in mind. Crooner Raheem DeVaughn deftly handles the vocals on “That’s How I Know” in a way that makes me wish the song had been crafted for him. Though Jeedo doesn’t reveal why the song was never made into a reality, he does makes it available for free download for newsletter subscribers. So check it out after the bounce, then mosey on over to to check out what else he’s been hiding in his crates.

After the bounce

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