Do You Wanna Be ‘Down’ With Brandy’s New Video?

When Brandy dropped “Put It Down, her lead single for her upcoming album Two Eleven, I was less than impressed. After a few stellar albums (a few of which were inexplicably slept on by the public at large), I felt Brandy needed to come more correct than the half-warmed attempt at relevancy. And, while the track has grown on me a bit in the months since its release, I’m still not really feeling it. Now, more than a few months after its initial release, Brandy has finally dropped the track’s accompanying video. The Hype Williams-directed clip shows B-Rocka showing off a few tightly choreographed dance moves while looking damn good in a few designer duds and hairpieces (even rocking her signature ’90’s braids at some points). It’s very visually appealing, to be sure, and it’s great to see her back and doing her thing, but it still doesn’t make up for the lackluster groove of the song or the tired rap that Chris Brown provides. With Two Eleven less than two months away from release, I’m sure we’ll get another single soon. Hopefully, it’ll be one that far surpasses this and really shows what Brandy can do.

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