Bounce-Worthy: Gang Of Brothers

When I think of a gang, I tend to not feel positive ways about anything or anyone aligned with it. But that was before I came across Sydney, Australia-based funk band Gang of Brothers. Made up of the musically gifted Martinez brothers, whose roots go back to Chile, and one fierce vocalist by the name of Buddy Siolo who manages to channel vocalists like Stevie Wonder and James Brown with ease. This is one gang that rather than terrorizing is using their united front to spread fat, deep and raw funk to the masses. When I say that these fellas are spreading the funk, I’m talking about that heavy, pure funk that has been somewhat absent in recent years as the Motown-esque soul revival has been stealing all the light. On their first official track, “Get Up On Ya Feet n Testify,” the brothers makes me think of what would happen if JB and Lenny Kravitz randomly met in a dirty, empty bar out on a deserted road and had an impromptu jam session. Cue a band appearing from nowhere, complete with backing vocalists and suddenly the bar is packed full of punters, who all know the words to the song and are getting their very best Soul Train moves on. I do have a vivid imagination, but this track is the kind of unapologetic upbeat funk with a driving beat that makes my imagination run wild and envision unrealistic scenes that in reality will never happen. Thankfully though, reality has given us Gang of Brothers. Have a listen to “Get Up On Ya Feet n Testify” below and have your own funk-filled hallucination.

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