Beyoncé Is 'Here,' There & Everywhere

August 19th was World Humanitarian Day, and to mark the occasion this year Beyoncé joined forces with the United Nations where she filmed the music video for "I Was Here." The clip was released yesterday to commemorate the day and to encourage citizens of the world to be humanitarians no matter how large or small their act of benevolence might be. Beyoncé performed the epic ballad from 4 in front of a live audience at the U.N.'s General Assembly Hall, and she proved to be a stunning sight in a form-fitting white beaded gown. Mrs. Knowles-Carter isn't the only thing to look at in this video (although it is kinda hard to take your eyes off of her), with scenes of aid workers doing good deeds and other graphics splashed on a massive screen behind the singer. The goal of the "I Was Here" World Humanitarian Day launch was to reach one billion people and to encourage us all to do something to help someone else. That's a cause that we can definitely get behind, and to show your support simply take a few minutes to watch the video and visit the WHD website for more information on what else you can do.

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