Frank Ocean's Living The 'Sweet Life'

Last week was a major week for Frank Ocean, and I'm not just talking about his big announcement. No, the biggest moment for Frankie O. was the release of his latest Channel Orange leak "Sweet Life" on Friday evening. Not only did this song (which happens to be co-produced by Pharrell) showcase his skills as a singer/musician/songwriter, it also made a few folks here at SBHQ bow down to my greatness take heed of my declarations of just how talented Mr. Ocean is. Though I knew that they'd come around eventually, it's easy to see why "Sweet Life" was the song that did it. Frank and Pharell are giving us their best Stevie Wonder impression with chords that drift away on clouds of piano and synth horns. All the while, Frank's deceptively simple lyrics and stellar vocal performance (which far outpaces what's been heard on his previous tracks) reel you in effortlessly. It's easily one of the year's best songs so far and has ramped up anticipation for Channel Orange considerably. Peep the track (and free download) below and be sure to tune in to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon tonight, as Frank will be making his TV debut there.


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