Ne-Yo Sexes It Up For 'Lazy Love'

What do you do when you release a mediocre song that is at best a bore? Well, if you're Ne-Yo you release a NSFW music video to get people talking when the track "Lazy Love" couldn't get them listening. In all honesty, I have no idea how "Lazy Love" is doing on the charts nor on radio since I don't check for either, but I can tell you that it is getting no play here at SBHQ. But the video, on the other hand, has gotten a few views and served its purpose by bringing the song's lyrics to life in sexy detail. I thought that I was watching a Raheem DeVaughn video for a second, as Ne-Yo and his female companion acted out quite a few sexual positions. Sure, they're semi-clothed, but with all the bumping and grinding they're doing, I'm positive that there were some bodily fluids exchanged at some point during this shoot. Sex surely does sell because I had absolutely zero interest in this song before, and, although I still don't, I definitely like to watch. 


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