Frank Ocean Unveils His 'Pyramids'

When we first discussed Frank Ocean's cryptic announcement about his upcoming album Channel Orange last Friday, I had no idea that the unnamed track would be unleashed on the masses so soon. But, on Saturday, Frank introduced us to his latest jam "Pyramids." As it turns out, the snippet that we heard was only a small portion of the 10-minute opus that the song is. The first half of the song is a faster-paced tale about love lost alluding to that ancient Egyptian temptress Cleopatra and a long-haired Samson. Frank seems to be on his Prince as he senses that there are thieves in his temple stealing his love away. Then suddenly, the faster-paced tempo switches to the pimped-out groove that's featured in the viral video. The treasured "Cleopatra" has morphed into a woman of the night who's "working in The Pyramid," which is either a strip club or slang for being a sex worker (especially given their encounter that happens later in the song). Overall, it seems that Frank is coming into his own not just a songwriter, but as a storyteller as well. If this is setting the tone for what Channel Orange will be like, color me intrigued.


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