Rhye Gets Us ‘Open’ Once Again

After dropping one of the best EPs of the year — and perhaps one of the year’s best releases period — it seems that mysterious duo Rhye has disappeared into the cloud of smoke from whence they came. While we can only hope for more music from them soon, the three-track EP seems to keep giving musical gifts. Take for instance the EPs title track “Open.” SB first discovered the track when its racy video first debuted back in February. What we missed, however, was its companion piece. Titled “Open, in the living room,” it’s simply “Open” stripped down to its bare essentials: voice and piano. What was already beautiful is made even more hauntingly so. While the video brings up more questions about the group (Who is the shadowy figure? Who is the girl listening? Whose living room was this filmed in?), the song soothes them all away. Now if we could only get a clip for the dreamy “3 Days” in the near future…

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