Welcome To Boddhi Satva & Vikter Duplaix’s ‘World’

The Vikter Duplaix-assisted “From an Other World” is the first video to be released from Boddhi Satva‘s debut album, Invocation. Apparently Vik’s lady love is trippin’ because she found a pic of a girl he used to kick it with on his laptop. No worries, though. The old chick’s *ahem* assets aren’t even half as decent as hers are. (Of course! Silly of her not to think of that herself!) Thankfully, the video is less about her assets than it is about the couple going through the motions, dealing with relationship insecurities. Vikter tries his best to reassure his lady through sensual caresses as he sings, “I know what you’re thinking, I come from another world, but that’s no reason for you not to be my girl.” Even though the memory of past loves hangs over the relationship, Vikter is convincing enough to make you believe his woman’s concerns are displaced. The video made me want more from both Boddhi Satvi and Vikter Duplaix. Luckily, Boddhi’s Invocation is out now. As for Vik, we’re still (patiently?) waiting…

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