Sam Sparro Tells It Like It Is With 'I Wish I Never Met You'

You ever notice that when you're going through something that almost every song that you hear speaks to your situation? Maybe it's just me, but currently there are a handful of new songs that have me wondering if cameras are following me around and recording every breath I take, every move I make. The latest track to have me thinking that somebody's watching me like a Rockwell song is "I Wish I Never Met You," the official first single from Sam Sparro's highly-anticipated sophomore album, Return to Paradise. Sam lets the object of his one-time affection have it with very pointed lyrics to not only get lost but that he wishes that they never found each other in the first place. Sparro's soulful voice meanders along the driving beat on what can best be described as a disco ballad. The video for "I Wish I Never Met You" dropped today, and it's filled with drama and dancing -- what more could you ask for? Set in the Prohibition era, Sparro is suited up for action and he finds it as well some danger along the way before turning the tables. The choreographed dance routines harken to similar scenes in big videos from the '80s and is just as fun even if the clip is of the darker variety. I frankly love everything about this. So much so that I've played this video at least 10 times in the past hour. Hey, what can I say, he's singing the soundtrack to my life right now. Watch "I Wish I Never Met You" below, and also be on the lookout for Sam's vid for "Happiness," which is also in the can and hopefully dropping soon. 

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