Miguel’s ‘Art Dealer Chic’ Series Ends With A ‘Party’

Like clockwork, Miguel dropped the third, and sadly final, installment of his Art Dealer Chic micro-EP series over the weekend with Vol. 3 finding its way on the net for our downloading pleasure. It’s almost criminal that he’s given away all this good music for free over the past three months, but we’ll gladly take it and bang it until his sophomore album, which will hopefully be as good as these EPs, drops later this year.

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Bangin’ is exactly how I’d describe the first song on Vol. 3, the electro funky joyride “Party Life.” Miguel once again channels his inner Prince and uses synths, lasers and other video game sound effects to provide that retro-yet-current ’80s flavor. This track definitely makes me want to get down and party up.

Make sure to complete your Art Dealer Chic collection with this freebie so that you can listen to the complete project from its wonderful beginning to this glorious end.

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