It's A 'Cherry Thing' Concerning Neneh Cherry's Comeback

I'm just gonna file this in the "Did-Not-Expect-This-At-All" filing cabinet that we have here at SBHQ as news of Neneh Cherry's return to the music scene pretty much is the surprise news of the day. Yes, the Swedish hip-hop-and-everything-in-between pioneer, who scored a huge hit in 1989 with the pop-rap hybrid "Buffalo Stance" is on the comeback. Well, it's not like she's been loafing around -- we just haven't been keeping tabs -- as she's been doing all kinds of things since the last time we heard from her on last solo release 1996's Man (which is rather good). After Man, she joined the short-lived group, CirKus, collaborated with other artists, most notably The Gorillaz, and even had a cooking show for a spell, but she's going for a jazzier state of mind this time out.

Now Neneh's joining forces with Nordic free jazz trio, The Thing, and under the moniker of Neneh Cherry & The Thing, they are releasing the collaborative effort, The Cherry Thing, just to well, blow folks' minds. The album is due out on June 19th courtesy of the Norwegian label Smalltown Supersound and will contain covers of tracks by The Stooges, Marina Topley-Bird, MF Doom, and of course, give a nod to Neneh's father's the late jazz legend, Don Cherry. The Thing's beginnings consisted of covering Don Cherry's material, so this is quite the full circle for the trio by working with Neneh. Usually we tread with caution on collaborative efforts, but as a long-time fan of Neneh Cherry and as a curious music nerd, this could be something special. Peep the full tracklist below and keep your ears open to whatever sounds might come our way. [H/T: AAJ/PF]

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Neneh Cherry & The Thing The Cherry Thing tracklist:

1. Cashback (Neneh Cherry)
2. Dream Baby Dream (Suicide)
3. Too Tough to Die (Martina Topley-Bird)
4. Sudden Movement (Mats Gustafsson)
5. Accordion (MF Doom)
6. Golden Heart (Don Cherry)
7. Dirt (The Stooges)
8. What Reason (Ornette Coleman)

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