Make No ‘Bones’ About It, Michael Kiwanuka Is One To Watch

Earlier this week Michael Kiwanuka‘s eagerly anticipated debut album, Home Again, was released in the UK (unfortunately those in the US will have to wait until early summer). So far reaction has been somewhat mixed, there are those that praise his timeless style and sound, making the over-hyped comparison to the legendary Bill Withers, and then there are those who call his music derivative, unoriginal, and tired. Well, for what it’s worth I agree whole-heartedly with the former, Home Again is a real gem of a record, complete with outstanding vocals and spot-on production courtesy of Paul Butler (of The Bees). One of my favorite tracks on the album is the soul/gospel/doo-wop/reggae mash-up “Bones,” a straighforward love song that showcases not only Michael’s vocals, but his knack for writing one helluva catchy song. Take a look at him performing the track live in Paris below, then cop this on import if you are in the US.

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