Don't Make Avery Sunshine Get 'Ugly'

We all have our moments when our sunny dispositions aren't so sunny, especially in the course of a relationship. While Monica famously documented her moment, she's not the only one to put her feelings to wax. Songstress and SoulBounce fave Avery Sunshine's video for "Ugly Part of Me" shows her take on the moment, where she literally becomes a monster when a situation doesn't go as she expected. What makes the video even greater, however, is the comedic turn provided by John Roberts (better known as Jill Scott's baby daddy and Janet Jackson's drummer). He runs and cowers at the sight of Avery's monstrous alter ego and the scenes with him shaking under the sheets are utterly hilarious. Also, props to Avery for her homage to the "Thriller" video at the end. Check out the funny clip (and see if you can spot the other cameos) below.

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