The Internet Give You Four More 'Ladies' To Enjoy

It seems like it was just the other day that I was talking about that talented duo The Internet (maybe because it was), but I have more news about Syd the Kyd and Matt Martians that will be music to your ears. As you know, the physical version of Purple Naked Ladies landed Tuesday. But, if you happened to pick up a copy, you probably noticed that it lacked the bonus tracks that were promised. According to the Odd Future camp, that was due to a few technical difficulties. But don't fret, for they've gone and one-upped that promise. Instead of just the promised three, they've added an additional song and packaged it on the Purple Naked Ladies 4 Bonus Songs FreEP. Now everyone can enjoy the tracks (including one that features Robin Hannibal and Coco. O). While each one featured is great, the clear winner of the bunch is the Syd tha Kid-produced "Partners In Crime." It's suprisingly sexy and romantic, especially when you think of the other songs that made the cut for PNL. Syd sings softly and seductively as she talks about her and her partner taking on the world and the space-age R&B backdrop simmers and soars. Quite simply, it's an amazing track. Take a listen to "Partners in Crime" below and head here to get your copy of the EP.

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