Reel People & Tony Momrelle Introduce Us To A ‘Golden Lady’

I don’t usually like it when people mess with a classic, especially when that classic was originally done by the legendary Stevie Wonder. However, when Reel People released Reel People Present Golden Lady, the cover of the titular song by Tony Momrelle eased my initial doubts. Now, we have visuals to accompany the song. In it, Momrelle meets his “Golden Lady” in what appears to be a French café and has a bit of a language barrier issue. That doesn’t stop him from recognizing her beauty, though, as he then takes her out for an enchanted, romantic day. But, before the night is done, we’re transported back to the café to discover that it was all a dream (cue Biggie Smalls). No matter, though, as we got a beautiful journey out of it. Also, a kudos is deserved for showing a more natural beauty in the clip as opposed to the weaved-out and scantily clad video vixens we’ve become so accustomed to nowadays.

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