Kameron Corvet’s Got This ‘Love’ Thing ‘Under’ Control

Soul singer/songwriter Kameron Corvet must not like Valentine’s Day. Why else would he drop his latest freEP F_ck, Love around a time of year reserved for romance? Well, actually, if you listen a bit closer to the songs, you see that F_ck, Love is all about love and all its confusing and exhilarating glory. It also delves into the freakier side of things if song and video “Going Under” are any indication. In it, Kameron and his girl share a few intimate moments just out of the shower, in an elevator, and, of course, between the sheets. In between all that steaminess, he manages to fit in shots of him strumming his guitar and the couple playing an erotically charged game of Scrabble with friends. “Going Under” is just a taste of what F_ck, Love is bringing to the table, which includes moving ballads and the haunting, guitar-driven title track. Show Kameron some love yourself and grab the download from his official site. But, before you go, check out the (slightly NSFW) video for “Going Under” below.

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