Bounce-Worthy: Sarah MK

2012 is just beginning, and we’ve already had to say goodbye to some important figures in music. Luckily, as we mark the passing of some, we also mark the arrival of others. Canadian songstress Sarah MK is one of those new arrivals. Having spent some time bubbling under in her native Montreal, the release of her debut EP, Worth It, shows that she is ready to share her gift with the world. Her music is an interesting blend of R&B, hip-hop and jazz that would’ve fit right in the neo-soul of the late ’90s but somehow still sounds fresh today. Perhaps it’s her attention to lyrical detail, as each song feels deeply personal though their themes are quite universal. It could also be the hypnotic musical production provided mostly by Jordan Peters. It varies from jazzy R&B on tracks like “Forces” and “Should’ve” to the more J. Dilla-esque sounds of “Think Dat” and “Ain’t Hearin’ It.” Speaking of “Ain’t Hearin’ It,” Sarah, flips the script and shows that while she may have pipes, she also has decent rhymes to go with them. You can listen to Worth It below and then go purchase it, in digital or physical form, from her Bandcamp page. And, while you’re listening, stay after the bounce to see the video for single “Think Dat” as well as an acoustic showing of “Just Friends.”

After the bounce

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