Melanie Fiona Makes ‘Wrong’ Sound So Right

Most of the songs I’d heard from Melanie Fiona‘s upcoming The MF Life really didn’t move me, so the bevy of pushbacks the project’s received haven’t really surprised me much. I was all but ready to dismiss the talented singer who seems to be plagued with material that just doesn’t suit her incredible voice. But then I pressed play on “Wrong Side of a Love Song.” This right here is what I’m talking about! From the minute her aching voice joins the guitar, Melanie transports back to a time in music when folks knew what to do with a talent like hers. The classic flavor of the song and heartfelt lyrics do her voice the justice it deserves without making it sound old and dated. And suddenly, within four minutes, my interest in The MF Life is rekindled. Hopefully when the album drops May 8th, the quality will lean closer to this and away from “Gone and Never Coming Back.”


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