Diggs Duke Delivers Solid 'Gold'

While most of us were chugging champagne from the bottle this New Year's Eve (don't even try to act like it was just me), our Bounce-Worthy brother Diggs Duke decided to start off 2012 by releasing some new music for us to enjoy. Teaming up with our friends over at BamaLoveSoul, Diggs gives us his lastest EP, Black Gold. It picks up where his last EP Gravity left off, expanding on his fusion of jazz and soul with ease and multi-layered grooves sure to make your ears oh-so happy. If there was one gripe that I had about this collection, it's that the songs are a bit on the short side (I often found myself really getting into a groove only to have it end way too soon). Maybe we can convince Diggs bless us with some extended tracks one of these days. Still, you really can't get much better than what he delivers here. Check out the beautiful "Something in My Soul" and "Holding On" below and head over to his Bandcamp page, where you can download Black Gold now. Make sure you hurry, though, because only the first 1200 to download will be able to get the set on a pay-what-you-like basis (which, of course, includes free). [H/T: BLS]

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