Meet Elle Varner In Her 'Sound Proof Room'

In case you haven't been paying attention, we here at SBHQ have been buzzing about newcomer Elle Varner for the past few months. Since popping up seemingly out of nowhere this summer, her hype machine has been working overtime to make music fans take notice of this new talent. And with good reason, too. With a one-of-a-kind voice that borders just on the right side of raspy and a sound to call her own, she's out to prove that she's more than just another pretty face. The lastest song of hers to make its way to the innanets is "Sound Proof Room." Here we see her put her good girl persona aside to sing about all the things she'd do to a special someone if she ever got him alone. Backed by the nostalgic, bouncy track, Varner makes her intentions more than clear, while also managing to keep things tasteful and fun. She also makes it a family affair, having her mom, also a singer-songwriter, lend a hand on backing vocals. Varner has definitely earned herself a spot on my list of releases to look forward to in the new year. But if you need further convincing, then check out her Perfectly Imperfect album sampler available for download to see what this Cali girl has to offer.

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