Bounce-Worthy: The Seshen

It's lovely when you find something that you didn't know you wanted, but you're so glad to have found. That's how I felt when I stumbled upon San Francisco-based band The Seshen.
Counting Little Dragon, Erykah Badu, J. Dilla, and Beach House amongst their influences, it's no wonder that I was drawn to this talented septet. Handling vocal and lyrical duties are Laline St. Juste and Akasha Orr and their voices are superb against the backdrop created by fellow bandmates Aki Ehara, Mirza Kopelman, Kumar Butler, and Mahesh Rao. Together, the multi-cultural crew make ethereal sounds that transport you to a different time and space and show you just what the future of music can be. They only have three songs to preview at the moment, but each shows different facets of their sound. "Oblivion" is definitely steeped in their indie rock influences, with distorted vocals and electronic samples abound creating a complex and interesting narrative. "Canvas" channels the electronic verve of Little Dragon, its synth-bass groove dripping with mood as the music swells and the ladies' honeyed vocals paint the song's story. And while those two songs were enough for me to take notice, it was the dreamy "Pieces" that really grabbed me. With vocals that harken back to jazz greats of yesteryear (or, most recently, Chrisette Michele) lulling you in, how could you possibly resist? Add to that the soulful and jazzy instrumentation that is just breathtaking and you have the perfect mix of old and new for the next generation. Being that the crew is California-based, they've done a few shows out west. Hopefully with the exposure that they'll surely get, music lovers around the world will be able to experience their music soon. To see just what I'm talking about, take a listen below to "Oblivion," "Pieces," and "Canvas" below and be sure to spread the word.


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