The Roots 'Tip The Scale' On Drama

After introducing us to the new visuals for undun with quite a literal bang with the video for "Make My," The Roots continue with another gripping black-and-white clip for the song "Tip the Scale." Black Thought rhymes while Dice Raw provides vocals on the track, which comes toward the end of undun but the video precedes that for "Make My" by virtue of the timeline that the group has constructed for the concept album. Here we see a young man, who we'll assume to be the album's protagonist Redford Stephens, walking down a gritty residential street littered with junkies and other downtrodden individuals. Redford stops in the middle of the street between two stop signs seemingly at a crossroads. We already know that he goes in the wrong direction, but with more videos premiering every Tuesday between now and December 6th, we can't wait to see his journey from here to there. [H/T: OKP]

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