The Roots Make An Arresting Statement With 'Make My'

With the December release of undun fast approaching, we're learning more and more about the concept album, which tells the story of the ill-fated Redford Stephens. We've already gotten the album cover and tracklist and over at The Roots' homebase Okayplayer they've even released some of the project's lyrics. Still, our first feel for the album's sound came from lead single "Make My", an almost dreamy slice of hip hop that appears at the beginning of the album (which, according the album's story, is at the end of Redford's short life). Staying true to that fact, the video for "Make My" is a violent gun battle where we see our protagonist meet his untimely demise. Short but sweet, it leaves you with with a lot of questions, some of which will hopefully be answered in the next three video installments coming before the album's release on December 6th (they will all premiere the next three Tuesdays at 12:06pm, with "Stomp" being the next song to get the video treatment). Start the story below and be on the lookout for what's coming next.

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