The Roots Get Gully With 'Stomp'

"Sometimes you have to pick the Gun up to put the Gun down." Those are the words of Malcolm X and they are also the introduction the The Roots' video for "Stomp," their third visual from their upcoming undun. And they're very fitting words, because what follows is a montage of jackings set in September of '93, roughly six years before the events of the first video and three years after the second, as we hear guest rapper Greg Porn's grimy verse. We also see that the jacking serves a purpose, as the hooded kid makes several stops to the local pawn store, exchanging the stolen goods for cold, hard cash. Is this kid our young protagonist who eventually meets his bloody end? And how does this all come full circle to the grizzly death that we know occurs? I still have no idea, but I do know that this ominous banger has me hyped for what the rest of undun will bring to the plate. We still have two more weeks of Tuesday video releases to give us some clues to the puzzle and then we'll get the full story when undun hits stores December 6th. While we wait, watch the latest installment in the saga right now. [H/T: OKP]

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