The Internet Prepare To Unleash Their 'Purple Naked Ladies'

We've been following Syd The Kid and Matt Martian's The Internet pretty much every step of the way here at SBHQ (Okay, I have mostly, but you get the point). They're "Love Song -1" was the first moment to catch our ear, and then they followed with the catchy "They Say" and the (somewhat controversial) "Cocaine." Well, today brings news that we'll soon be getting a full album's worth of the The Internet's talents when they release their Purple Naked Ladies. While featuring the three songs that we've heard (which have also been packaged on iTunes as their Cocaine digital EP), it will also feature feature SoulBounce fave Coco O. of Quadron fame as well as Odd Future mates Left Brain and Mike G, rapper Kilo Kish and Tay Walker. Judging by the titles of some of the tracks, we're going to be in for an interesting ride. If you're ready to have your ears on this Purple Naked Ladies, you'll have to wait until December 20th for the digital copy and January 17th for the physical copy (with bonus tracks and alternate artwork). Hit the bounce to get your first look at the album's tracklisting. [H/T: PF]

Purple Naked Ladies tracklist:

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01 Violet Nude Women

02 They Say/Shangrila [ft. Tay Walker]

03 She Dgaf

04 C*nt

05 Cocaine/Tevie [ft. Left Brain]

06 Ode to a Dream [ft. Kilo Kish and Coco O.]

07 Gurl [ft. Pyramid Vritra]

08 Love Song -1

09 Lincoln [ft. Mike G and Left Brain]

10 Web of Me

11 She Knows

12 Fastlane

13 Visions [ft. Coco O.]

14 The Garden

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