Don't 'Sleep' On The Roots' Latest Video

They often say that sleep is the cousin of death, and in the case of "Sleep," the fourth and final video leading up to the December 6th release of The Roots' undun, we're taken right back to the last moments of the album's protagonist. As he's sprawled on the ground, taking his final breaths, we see a replay of his final moments. We follow the black-hooded "grim reaper" of the series after the fact, as he seems to contemplate the life that he's just taken. Cinematically, the black-and-white imagery, especially the fading subway lights at the end, are nothing short of breathtaking. I know Questlove and crew are in the news for some other things right now, but I don't really care about any of that, as everything that I've heard from undun thus far has been nothing short of stellar. "Sleep," with the raspy vocals of Aaron Livingston on the chorus, doesn't disappoint and is, so far, the best track that I've heard from the set. We won't be hearing more in the two weeks between now and when the album drops, but if the four clips released thus far haven't piqued your interest, I don't know what else could.

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