Well, 'If It Isn't' Beyoncé's Video For 'Love On Top'

Folks are always accusing Beyoncé of lifting her video concepts from other sources (and with good reason, it seems), but in this case, B seems to be deliberately paying homage to New Edition's classic "If It Isn't Love" video. We got a taste of the clip last week, which featured her and six dancers doing the mic stand routine from NE's clip, but it cut off just short of the chorus. Over the weekend, however, Beyoncé released the full clip. It's definitely not as high concept as the previous video for "Countdown," but it's a fun one nonetheless, with the diva hamming it up for the camera using the mic stand choreography that NE did so well back in 1988. She jazzes it up a bit, though, incorporating costume changes from Temptations-style tuxedos to coats and tails (and of course her signature unitard with sheer tights look). The only decision for this video treatment I don't agree with (besides her horrible taste in hats) is the decision to cut the song's second verse. Not only does it make the video seem rushed, but it makes the multiple modulations towards the end of the song seem way over the top and unwarranted. Still, "Love On Top" is a great song and the video does it enough justice. Check it out below.

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