The Time Are ‘#Trendin’ As Original 7ven

Twenty-one years after last recording together, the original members of The Time have reunited to rekindle the flame and renamed themselves Original 7ven. Not sure what brought about the name change, but Morris Day, Jesse Johnson, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Jerome Benton, Jellybean Johnson, and Monte Moir are back in business with a new album on the way with a single and accompanying video that just premiered last week. Condensate (a nod to Morris stating “I don’t sweat, I condensate.”) hits stores on October 18th, and “#Trendin” is what you’d expect from any song with a hashtag as its title. Showing love to Twitter and the wide world of blogs, Morris sings about being a hot topic to all his “tweetie pies.” The first time I heard the song, I admittedly was like “what the hell is this?,” but after repeated listenings it’s grown on me for its campy fun even though it lacks some of the patented funk that I remember and love these cats for. This is no “777-9311,” “Jungle Love,” or “Ice Cream Castles,” but it’s catchy enough to have you tip-tapping your feet to the beat. The video shows the fellas all suited and booted like your spiffy uncles from Minneapolis would be, performing the song on a stage set. There’s creative lighting, there’s Jerome dancing like he always dances, and there’s Morris with his hair laid to perfection. They may not exactly be bringing that old thing back, but it’s good to have this band of innovators back nonetheless.

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