'Sesame Street' Encourages Children (And Adults) To 'Change The World'

I have my own awesome memories of growing up watching Sesame Street as a kid, from learning to count to being totally enamored with a certain yellow bird. However, as an adult now, I've found something extra special in rediscovering this beloved classic through the eyes of children. And what an exciting time to do so with new characters emerging with powerful positive messages. This newest song, "Change The World" written by Joey Mazzarino who also penned "I Love My Hair," which was inspired by his daughter Segi (whom he and his wife adopted from Ethiopia), is as adorable as it is inspirational. "Change The World" features the same adorable muppet that sang her way into our hearts with "I Love My Hair." However, this time the message is one of encouragement to follow your dreams whatever they may be. As I know I'll inevitably be singing, and if they have their way dancing to this with my nieces, I've got a feeling that even us adults still have a thing or two to learn from Sesame Street.

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