Listen To Zara McFarlane 'Blossom'

Some people have voices that you wish you could just climb inside and live in forever. UK jazz diva Zara McFarlane is definitely one of these people. The Bounce-Worthy Ms. McFarlane's debut album Until Tomorrow is available in physical form today (at least it is for our UK Bouncers) from Gilles Peterson's Brownswood Records, and one of the most beautiful tracks is "Blossom Tree." When we gave you a brief preview of the album, you might have gotten a chance to hear just how sublime Zara sounds on the track, but the brief snippet doesn't do it nearly as much justice as it deserves. Reminiscent of a time when great jazz vocalists like Nancy Wilson were at their heights, the full song is especially airy and relaxing. As well, the sweet saxophone, swaying bass, and bright piano are the perfect accompaniment to Zara's melodic vocals as she invites you to visit her titular tree. If you want to take Zara up on her offer, make sure to support great music and purchase Until Tomorrow today. [Photo: Le Madblog]

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