'Give It' Up For Elle Varner & J.Cole

As if I couldn't fall any deeper in love with Elle Varner's debut single, "Only Wanna Give it to You" featuring hip-hop hottie J. Cole, here she comes with a colorful, fun-tastic music video for it. Director Orson Whales channels his inner Hype Williams (minus the fisheye lens) and captures the '90's vibe of the track with bright splashes of color and quick, continuous scenery changes. It's Elle Varner who is the real focal point here, though, with her big fluffy mane of curls setting her look off and distinguishing her from every other singer out there with their Beyoncé starter kit lacefronts or their Skittles-colored wigs. The camera loves her as she shops for cute shoes, bumps into cute boys, and rides out with her girls in a Jeep Wrangler like they would in any good old-fashioned throwback video. When Cole later drops in with his cameo, there's so much pretty on screen it almost doesn't make sense, but they're both so likable that it does. After making its way onto our Hot 16 favorite songs of summer list, "Only Wanna Give it to You" just renewed its lease on heavy rotation.

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