‘Those Looks’ Are Driving Reva DeVito Crazy

On my daily scout around for new music yesterday, I stumbled across a talented young lady by the name of Reva DeVito. Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Reva has worked with some of the area’s best musicians including Steveland Swatkins (The Excellent Gentlemen) and Tony Ozier (The Doo Doo Funk All-Stars) to create her debut release, The Catnip Collective EP. Now the name of the EP had me scratching my head at first, but Reva does explain: “catnip because we be makin these cats out here feel real good… .” Fair enough; it’s certainly original. Now, it’s the contents of the EP that we really care about, and I’m happy to report that, while they may not be quite as original as its name, they are certainly worth a listen. Her brand of soul is an eclectic one, ranging from a down-tempo, almost ethereal vibe on the opener “Those Looks” through to the upbeat bounce of “Boogie Damn,” with the other three tracks falling somewhere in between. Take a listen to “Those Looks” below and preview the entire EP over at her official website. [H/T: AOAAD]

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