Little Dragon Keep Bringing The 'Heat'

I hope you put on your dancing shoes today, because Little Dragon have definitely brought the groove with their video for "Brush the Heat." Perhaps the most danceable track on Ritual Union (and possibly in the entire LD oeuvre), this cowbell-driven song was an obvious choice for the video treatment. Being that it is a Little Dragon production, however, it stays true to their extra quirky, art school formula. LD gave the directing reins over once again to Yukimi's father Yusuke Nagano, who previously directed their video for "Swimming," and he gave the video an eye-centric theme that surprisingly works. But the real star is Yukimi's off-kilter dancing. Though it consists mostly of her rocking from side to side, she incorporates some rather interesting choreography. Also, make sure to stay for the end of the video where we get to see Yukimi work it out like we've never seen her work it before.

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