Get Lost In The Internet's 'Love Song'

Last we heard from OFWGKTA's Syd The Kyd, she was working wonders on Little Dragon's "Seconds." She's back, however, and this time she's on the other side of the boards. Teaming up with fellow Odd Futurer Matt Martians and calling themselves The Internet (a name I must now cross off my list of future band names), their leak "Love Song-1" caught me by surprise. Syd delivers a sugary-sweet, listful vocal that I didn't expect to come from her and the soulful, melodic production Matt provides fits the mood of the lyrics perfectly. My biggest gripe is that, at one minute thirty-three seconds, the song is just way too short. Still, between Frank, Syd, Matt, and whoever else they've got waiting in the wings back there, I think we'll be discussing Odd Future for quite some time to come.

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