Are You 'Thinking' Of Taking A 'Swim' In Frank's Visual Ocean?

As SoulBounce's resident Frank Ocean-ographer, I'd be remiss to not let you know that Frank dropped not one, but two, visual gems this week...and I'm not even going to pretend I understand either of them. Yes, the much-teased video for "Swim Good" finally surfaced yesterday, but earlier in the week the (unexpected) unofficial video for "Thinking About You" also dropped. "Swim" starts of with Ocean trying to eat popcorn through a (disturbing) panda ski mask as he watches a fire burn. We're then treated to visions of Frank wielding a bloody samurai sword and driving an orange Town Car interspersed with scenic ocean views and a woman laughing. But what exactly happens? He literally chops it up with his beloved, sure. But is that why he blows up his car? And why the creepy panda mask? The video for "Thinking," a collaboration with High5Collective, is an altogether different scenario that seems to take place in two different realities. One includes a pale-eyed shaman and a fallen meteor in the Wild West, while the other has Frank the nurse consoling the kid of a dying woman. Either way, both videos definitely visually arresting affairs. Check out out the video for "Swim Good" below and then hit the bounce for "Thinking About You" and form your own interpretations.

After the bounce

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