Please Lose Our Invitation To Swizz Beatz & Alicia Keys' 'International Party'

With the exception of Missy Elliott, Pharrell, and few others, many producers aren't meant to be heard other than the occasional, unobtrusive shout out on the records they produce, if at all. But then you have cats like Swizz Beatz who has gone unchecked in recent years and just gotten downright reckless with his insistence on subjecting us to his rapping. His voice has a unique character and is good in small doses (i.e. Diddy-Dirty Money "Ass on the Floor," Musiq Soulchild's "Anything"), but to hear him for an entire song? Nah, B. And to hear him on a bandwagon-jumping, high-energy yet amazingly tired techno beat? Hell to the nah. But Swizz has decided to beat the dead horse that is hip pop with his latest entry, the overwhelmingly awful "International Party," and he brings wife Alicia Keys along for the ride. But even the Mrs. and her thighs can't save this sh-t sandwich. Featuring flexible dancers, lasers, special effects, a Lotus sports car, and reportedly costing a million dollars to make, this recession-unfriendly video and song are a part of Reebok's campaign to promote Swizzy's new "Reethym of Life" shoe. It's unfortunate that Reebok's attempt to get fly has kicked off with this epic fail, and that Swizz Beatz's won't recognize his own shortcomings and stop while he's behind.

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