Eric Roberson's 'Summertime Anthem' Gets Remixed...Twice

Eric Roberson and Chubb Rock's "Summertime Anthem" is so nice it's been remixed twice by two of our favorite multi-talented DJs/producers/artists out of Atlanta. SoulBounce fam Applejac and fellow turntable maestro Salah Ananse both dropped their unique takes on Erro and Chubb's sweet summer hit this week. Applejac decided to cool the cut out on his "Day Party Remix," which is well suited to looking cute in your sundress or rocking a linen short set while flirting over cocktails as the sun sets. And once darkness falls and the party gets going, then Salah Ananse has you covered with his "House In the Park Remix." His soulful house spin will lead you to spontaneously move, jump, and jack your body. The best part about both of these remixes? They're available for the low-low price of free.99. [Photo: Michael Mathias]

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