Ahmed Sirour & Michelle Thompson ‘Rep’ For ‘Brooklyn’

Do the Right Thing, Spike Lee‘s seminal 1989 film about the events on a hot summer day in Brooklyn, has been influencing young black filmmakers for over two decades now. It’s only fitting that the music from the film, composed by Spike’s own father Bill Lee, would also spark a few musical imaginations. Ahmed Sirour, whose The After 2am Sessions has made us here at SoulBounce positively giddy, has taken the “WLUV Roll Call Y’all” portion of the film that name-checked black musicians who’d made significant contributions and flipped it to represent all the notable performers who have called Brooklyn home. Being A BK transplant myself (by way of Dallas, Texas), I had no idea that so many of these notable folks hailed from the borough. Calling it “We Rep Brooklyn!,” Ahmed’s own voice can be heard rattling off names (Mos Def, Eddie Murphy, Michael Jordan, Lena Horne, and quite a few others make the cut) as GRAMMY-nominated singer Michelle Thompson contributes honey-sweet vocals. As the names wrap up, he even makes the audacious move of adding himself at the end. At the rate he’s going, though, that move doesn’t seem to be inaccurate in the least.

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