Zo! Gives SoulBounce An Exclusive Sneak Preview Of '...just visiting three'

Last Friday afternoon when many of you were scheming on a way to do as little work as possible without your boss finding out or getting a jump on your holiday weekend, I had the pleasure of hanging out with musician and producer extraordinaire Zo! to get the very first listen of the latest addition to his catalog of musical greatness, ...just visiting three. Following last summer's stellar hit album SunStorm, ...just visiting three is the third EP in Zo!'s ...just visiting series, which kicked off with 2006's ...just visiting and broke out on 2009's ...just visiting too. As with those previous EPs, Zo! has remade a handful of songs -- some recognizable, some obscure -- on ...just visiting three, putting his own spin on them with a variety of vocalists. This time, not only did he call on the talents of his cohorts in The Foreign Exchange (Phonte, Sy Smith, Jeanne Jolly) for vocals, he also tapped Nicholas Ryan Gant, Eric Roberson, and Anthony David to contribute to the project. As you can imagine, the end result is nothing short of incredible, and I got to hear it all well in advance of the July 12th release date. 

During my private listening party, Zo! allowed me to live-tweet it via SoulBounce's Twitter,
but the challenge was that I could only tweet my reactions to the music
and I couldn't disclose the singer nor the song that they remade.
Imagine trying to do all that in 140 characters or less while Zo! is
sitting there cracking jokes. It was a hard job, but I managed to do it and those
who followed on Twitter that afternoon were quite entertained by the
shenanigans. Since that time, Zo! has revealed the cover art and the
roster of artists, but the song list will remain a mystery until ...just visiting three is released. Intrigued? Trust me, you should be and you should also mark Tuesday, July 12th at midnight EST on your calendars because that's when this EP drops at The Foreign Exchange Music website for free download. Until that time, enjoy my track-by-track, tweet-by-tweet breakdown of each song on the EP below.

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Track 1

#justvisitingthree Track 1...A familiar beat drops in then a very familiar voice on lead vocals. The background harmonies are tight.

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#justvisitingthree Track 1 is tailor made for riding around with your top down and going to play in the sunshine.

#justvisitingthree Track 1 got me wanting to get out the whip and break out into a two step right quick.

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Track 2

#justvisitingthree Track 2 keeps the tempo up. Another stellar vocalist who @Zo3hree5ive tells me went in on his vocals. I can tell. Banging

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#justvisitingthree @Zo3hree5ive dug DEEP in the back of the crates for Track 2. You'll have to be a real musichead to pick up the original.

Track 3

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#justvisitingthree Track 3 has me laid out. Wow. WOW at what @Zo3hree5ive and the featured vocalist did on this remake. Totally flipped it.

#justvisitingthree Track 3 is utterly gorgeous. I might need to hear this one again @Zo3hree5ive. Selector REWIND!

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#justvisitingthree Sweet Jesus on the cross at the high notes the singer on Track 3 just hit.

#justvisitingthree Yall ain't ready for Track 3 when the singer drops in a little surprise by another well-known song by a beloved soprano

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Track 4

#justvisitingthree I had to make @Zo3hree5ive press pause on Track 4 to collect myself. Oh. Em. Gee. Yall are not ready. I damn sure ain't.

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#justvisitingthree Track 4 has me catching the holy ghost. This @SoulBounce fave sounds the best he ever has. No lie.

#justvisitingthree Not only is the singer singing his face off on Track 4 but the music by @Zo3hree5ive is phenomenal.

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Track 5

#justvisitingthree Track 5 is another nasty groove. Oh s--t, son! Yall remade THAT joint???? Man, listen...@Zo3hree5ive

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#justvisitingthree I need @Zo3hree5ive to let me out the car so I can run like they do in church after listening to Track 5.

#justvisitingthree Had to tell @Zo3hree5ive to #paws after listening to Track 5. Another interpolation that caught me all out there.

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#justvisitingthree OMG only 2 tracks left. I don't want it to end @Zo3hree5ive!!!!!

Track 6

#justvisitingthree Track 6 is a sing-along favorite. When yall hear this sista sing you all are going to fall in love with her version.

#justvisitingthree I'm over here torturing @Zo3hree5ive singing loud and off-key along with Track 6. This my jam!

Track 7

#justvisitingthree I don't know if I'm ready for Track 7. How can this album get any better? @Zo3hree5ive you are killing me!!!

#justvisitingthree OK I think my mind is right for you to play the last song @Zo3hree5ive. Hit it, maestro!

#justvisitingthree Track 7 Oh, it's not a gotdamn game, son! Yall remade this joint. THIS JOINT?

#justvisitingthree The 1:30 musical intro to Track 7 by @Zo3hree5ive has me catching feelings. Wooooo!

#justvisitingthree Track 7 this is my corpse tweeting because the singer on this song has just slayed my everloving soul.

#justvisitingthree So yeah, the singer on Track 7 is gonna get so many panties thrown his way once the ladies hear this jawn. Have mercy.

#justvisitingthree Track 7 was 7+ minutes of aural heaven. I can die a happy woman now. Please just play this at my funeral.

#justvisitingthree Track 7 is going on "Butta's Bedroom Breakdown" with the quickness. Lawd have mercies.

So @Zo3hree5ive's #justvisitingthree is a superb piece of work. The impressive roster of vocalists involved on this project is amazing.

I have had an absolute ball at this #justvisitingthree listening party with @Zo3hree5ive in the #SUVsessions. Thanks for sharing the love!

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