Tawiah 'Starts Again'

It seems, finally, that the promo train for Tawiah's upcoming Warner Bros. debut is beginning to build up some steam. Although not slated for release until 2012, we've had a handful of remixes of the track "Sweet Me," a stunning live performance of "Break Away," and now another live performance, recorded at the same time, of a song called "Starts Again." This track will appear on Tawiah's highly-anticipated album and is produced by friend and long-time collaborator Jodi Milliner (who produced her In Jodi's Bedroom EP). "Starts Again" sees Tawiah lamenting on one of those break up to make up relationships that we just cannot seem to get over. As per usual she sounds fantastic, especially against the stripped down, acoustic backdrop provided by her band. It'll be interesting to hear what the studio versions of these tracks sound like when we finally get to hear them.

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