DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah Want To ‘Make It Last’ Forever On ‘Back For More’

In just a matter of days DJ Jazzy Jeff and Ayah will bless us with Back For More, and they’ve blessed us today with yet another track from the mixtape for us to sink our teeth into with the Marvin Gaye-sampling “Make It Last.” If you’re keeping track, this makes the third song that they’ve released in as many weeks, but not to worry because there is so much more to be found on this 13-track project. Take a peek at the tracklist after the bounce to see for yourselves as well as to watch their second Q&A Sessions video. In episode two, the tables are turned with Jeff taking a back seat to let Ayah do the driving as she answers his questions. Viewers get to find out what she got out of their collaboration, her views on being from Toronto and the music scene there, and how she found her passion for music. These videos are proving quite insightful to both artists and make the wait for Back For More not so bad. Who am I kidding? Bring this mixtape and more music from these two on!

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DJ Jazzy Jeff & Ayah Back For More tracklist:

1. Press Play
2. Back For More
3. Notorious
4. One Life Ft Tona
5. Hold On
6. Make It Last
7. Forgive Me Love
8. Tables Turn
9. Maybe We Can Just Ft STS
10. Telephone
11. Baby
12. The Game (SOMEBODIES)
13. Be Alright

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