Will Frank Ocean's 'Novacane' Leave You Numb?

You can say a lot about singer/songwriter Frank Ocean and his OFWGKTA (a ridiculous acronym that's too much to explain; if you don't know, Google it), but one thing rings true: Frank is a very creative boy. Twitter beefs with Chris Brown aside, Ocean seems to have a good head on his shoulders and a knack for writing catchy songs that aren't your typical R&B fodder. Case in point, his song "Novacane." I feel bad for liking a song about a coke and sex binge, but between the refrain and the ominous beat I'm hooked. The accompanying visuals are just as quirky as the song is. You get an almost stationary look at Frank through most of the video as visions of model chicks past float by in a smoky haze. The video ends with a literal slap in the face (which should solve the problem of him not feeling it). Def Jam will be officially re-releasing his previously free mixtape, nostalgia, ULTRA, next month, so maybe this will garner enough buzz for that. Check out the video and see if it gives you any kind of feeling.

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